We are the faces of diverse nationalities, cities, accents and origins united to portray the stories of immigrants and their current reality. Meet the Faces team!

Greg Fischer: Greg is an American who arrived in Brazil in January 2013. He graduated in secondary education and history in 2009 from Augustana College. He married his wife, Kim, in 2010, and they moved to Colorado, and they were literature teachers in high school. They entered Maryknoll Lay Missionaries in 2012 and arrived in Brazil with their son in 2013. Greg chose to work with immigrants and refugees in São Paulo, and has now worked in collaboration with the Missão Paz for four plus years. He started “Faces” in partnership with Missão Paz in early 2015.

Karina Pain: Karina is a Brazilian who immigrated to Montreal, Canada in 2015. A graduate in International Relations, she began working with immigrants and refugees in 2014. She is 29 years old and is involved with humanitarian projects wherever she is.

Nathalia Bustamante: Nathalia is a native of Minas Gerais, a journalist, and has lived in São Paulo since 2014. She is fascinated by cultures and listening to the stories of others and found on Faces of Migration an inexhaustible source of learning and inspiration.



Claire Stewart: Claire is an American who arrived in Brazil in January 2016.


Suzy Gasparini: Suzy is a Brazilian journalist, a descendant of Italian migrants, and has lived in São Paulo for more than 20 years. She writes the stories of people of the most diverse nationalities. “We all live on the same planet and there are many more similarities than differences between people. The world needs more love and solidarity.”


Rubinho Cohen: Rubinho is a Documentary Photographer, born 03/11/1970, in Guarulhos, SP. He is Brazilian by birth, but a citizen of the world and at heart! He is the great-grandson of Turk and Portuguese immigrants and does not believe that there are borders between people and their countries – only that there are different cultures and stories that we can and must share.


Marcelo Maiorano: Marcelo is an American and Brazilian born in the USA. He returned to Brazil in January 2017.