Our Mission:

From the Cradle of Humankind to the Middle East and Europe.
From Asia across the Bering Land Bridge to the Americas.
From Ellis Island to the shore of the Greek Island Lesbos.

Migration has been an integral part of our mankind’s entire history. The constant movement of people has led to dissemination of technology, religion, language, and culture. It has impacted every nation on earth and most countries have served as points of reception of immigrants. In its recent history, the movement regained strength with a new wave of immigrants and refugees relocating. Many wonder, “Who are these people? Why do they come here?” The objective of Faces of Migration is to answer these questions and feature these individuals. We share their stories, their faces, their words and their voice. Our hope is that, in recognition of the other, we have more empathy for our brothers marginalized by society and a deeper understanding of one of the humankind’s most enduring traits – movement.


Our History:

Face of Migration emerged from Maryknoll Lay Missioner Greg Fischer’s initiative to listen to the stories of the immigration and refugees he worked with on a daily basis in his ministry.

Working in partnership with Missão Paz, the Scalabrini center in São Paulo, Brazil, that offers social services to immigrations and promotes their acceptance and integration, Greg assisted immigrants in finding work with Brazilian companies. In daily contact with so many stories, he realized the potential for social change and understanding rested in the words of these individuals.

Face of Migration began in April 2015. At first publishing on social networks stories and pictures of immigrants, the project grew to require its own website by 2016 and offer a new platform to share their stories. Video documentaries, expands the resources of Face of Migration to document immigrants in their daily activities, their search for employment, leisure, contact with family, worries and joys and demonstrate that they have much in common with each of us.

I started Faces of Migration to show that these people are not different from us. They have the same successes, failures and important experiences in life. Our human experience is very similar and our difference in culture and language are miniscule in comparison. ~Greg Fischer