May 20, 2017


I have lived only a short time in Brazil; I only arrived 3 months ago. I was offered a job opportunity at a time when I was unemployed. It’s good. It is better than nothing. Job opportunities do not exist because economically things are worse. But, without the opportunity I would have stayed in my community in Hidalgo, Mexico. I know that many things have been written about the current violence of my country. I never saw it personally, but in the exchange, we as a people, are attacked under this serious situation. Nobody wants to leave their home – their country – permanently. It’s not easy… You need to learn a new language, and it’s been difficult for me. I am here until the end of my work contract, and then I plan to return.

I did not come just because of economic reasons. The job opportunity is not the only thing that will improve my life. I also wanted to know the country, things like how is Brazil? I never knew this beautiful country and wanted to learn about it. I have to love it in order to stay. And I do like it here. I’ve had very unpleasant surprises which on one hand make you say: “Wow, Brazil!” But everything is beautiful here. There’s the beach, the sun… And when you go, you see your problem, and it’s no different than Mexico. It looks just like it.

I found out about the March of Migrants through a collective project called “Si Yo Puedo.” I’m part of the project. There they send out information on Portuguese courses and that’s how I started being friends with people in the organization. First, the March is significant because I am a woman. There is a lot of machismo that leaves me angry. I realize that there are many sexists. That’s why I say we all have rights. We all walk this earth, and this earth belongs to everyone. Secondly, I participate in the March because of the perception of immigrants. In truth, the Brazilian people attack me who identify me with Mexico. They characterize me by Mexican soap operas and the characters – as if I came alive from a TV show. In truth they say general things that identify me with that. For me, I believe it is not the lack of Mexicans who bring and share the culture.

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